Karen Horn


Margaret Keane

President and Chief Executive Officer, Synchrony Financial

Communication is key to aligning your employees around your purpose, values and culture. Karen is an expert in this area, and she culls a lifetime of experience into a simple, concise read. This book will become your go-to reference for tools you can use to effectively engage your employees.”

Lorrie Norrington

Former President eBay Marketplace

and Board Member, Colgate and Autodesk

Beth Comstock

Vice Chair, GE

Whether you’re running a start-up or a mature business, great communication is the essence of great leadership. Karen shares frameworks, tools and practical advice from her career in multiple businesses and industries. Everyone can find something they can use today to build leadership skills for the future."


Why Talk is Cheap should be required reading for every communication and HR professional seeking to advance into the ranks of executive management. In it, Karen Horn explains why focusing on becoming a better business person – and one who truly understands the needs and motivations of employees — leads to better business outcomes. This book is chock-full of simple, clear, practical advice from one of the smartest business leaders with whom I’ve ever worked.

Adrian Rodriguez

Former Chief Communications Officer for Washington Mutual and MetLife

A rare and comprehensive, strategic, yet practical review of communication within organizations. Connects communication messaging, channels & surveys to create employee engagement and business results.

Includes frameworks, templates & step-by-step guides. Useful for C-suite, managers & communication professionals. Chapters on analyzing audiences, writing messages, vehicles and channels, and planning and strategy.

Also, a precise and practical review of using employee engagement surveys and connecting a listening strategy.

Written by Karen Horn, a respected and experienced communications executive with experience in multiple industries and environments.

Karen is one of the most respected leaders in business communications. She shares tools and wisdom that connect and engage teams, allowing them to create meaningful work and deliver business results.  I saw her in action at GE and know her insights make an impact."





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